Town of Mammoth Lakes Summer Camps

We are excited to provide 8 weeks of summer camp fun this year for ages 3 - 18!  We have a jam packed schedule of awesomeness and there's something for everyone.  Program ages align with the grade children are currently enrolled in for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Review the schedule and check out our camp flyers below for more detailed itineraries. 


DROP-OFF AT 9:00AM | PICK-UP AT 4:00PM (Except for half days ending at NOON). 

*Schedule Subject to Change.


Week 1: June 19-23 

  • 4 y/o: Animals I (Half Day)
  • TK-K: Bike Camp
  • 1st-2nd: Advanced Bike Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Climbing Camp

Week 2: June 26-30

  • TK-K: Nature Camp
  • 1st-2nd: Adventure Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Adventure Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Mountain Bike Camp
  • 6th-8th: Backpacking 101
  • 9th-12th: Counselor in Training

Week 3: July 5-7

  • TK-K: Skateboard Camp
  • 1st-2nd: Skateboard Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Skateboard Camp
  • 6th-8th: Skateboard Camp

Week 4: July 10-14

  • 4 y/0: Animals II (Half Day)
  • TK-K: Bike Camp
  • 1st-2nd: Bike Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Climbing Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Adventures in Art
  • 6th-8th: Mountain Bike Camp

Week 5: July 17-21

  • TK-K: Nature Camp
  • K-2nd: Gymnastics Camp (July 17-20, Half Day)
  • 1st-2nd: Nature Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Adventure Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Mountain Bike Camp
  • 6th-8th: Climbing Camp
  • 6th-8th: Backpacking 201 (Must complete 101)

Week 6: July 24-28

  • 3 y/o: Intro to Summer Camp (July 24-25, Half Day)
  • 4 y/o: Animals I
  • 1st-2nd: Adventure Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Skateboard Camp (July 26-28)
  • 3rd-5th: Photography Camp
  • 6th-8th: Aquatics Camp

Week 7: July 31-Aug 4

  • TK-K: Bike Camp
  • 1st-2nd: Nature Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Wilderness Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Climbing Camp
  • 3rd-5th: Gymnastics Camp (July 31-Aug3, Half Day)
  • 6th-8th: Mountain Bike Camp
  • Mammoth Youth theatre Camp (Aug 1-12)

Week 8: Aug 7-11

  • 4 y/o: Skateboard Camp (Aug 9-11, half Day)
  • TK-K: Skateboard Camp (Aug 9-11)
  • 1st-2nd: Skateboard Camp (Aug 9-11)
  • 3rd-5th: Skateboard Camp (Aug 9-11)
  • 3rd-5th: Mountain Bike Camp
  • 6th-8th: Skateboard Camp (Aug 9-11)
  • Mammoth Youth Theatre Camp (Aug 1-12)

Week 9: Aug 14-18

  • TK-2nd: Camp Mammoth
  • 3rd-5th: Camp Mammoth

*Waitlists are managed on a weekly basis and applicants will be notified when/if space becomes available.  If participants need to drop from a camp, we ask that you let us know at least 2 weeks in advance to better serve those on our waitlists. 

Tony Colasardo Scholarships are available for all programs.  We want your child in our camp! Please contact Kat Kelly on (760) 965-3697 or at for more information.

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This year we have moved to a new registration platform.  You will need to create a profile for yourself and each child to register for summer camps.  Sign up for our newsletter for more details and to stay informed.   Recreation This Week!

Check-out our 2022 Summer Camp highlights video!


2023 Signature Camp Flyers

2023 Mountain Bike Flyer at Shady
2023 6-8 Backpacking Camp Flyer at Shady
2023 C.I.T. Camp flyer
climbing camp flyer at Shady
adventure camp flyer at Shady 2023
skateboard camp at Shady 2023
aquatics camp flyer at shady 2023
wilderness camp flyer at shady 2023
art camp flyer at shady 2023
2023 Youth Theatre Oklahoma Flyer

2023 Base Camp Flyers

bike camp flyer at shady 2023
explorers camp flyer at shady 2023
nature camp flyer at shady 2023
adventure camp 1-2 flyer at shady 2023
camp mammoth flyer at shady 2023
2023 Gymnastics Camp Flyer

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Description automatically generatedStatement on our 2023 Summer Theme:       

This summer's theme is "Plant a Tree."  Each year we strive to incorporate more environmental education into our programming.  We want to instill in our campers a care for the environment so that this outdoor playground we call home will be available to everyone for generations to come.  The best way to teach this to our children is to model it ourselves.

We love playing here and must do so in a sustainable way.  We partner with various agencies to help clean up our lakes, maintain our trails, and educate our campers on how to recreate responsibly to keep the Eastern Sierra beautiful.     

 Our children can make a lasting impact and what better way to do so than to plant a tree?  We want each child to help plant a tree so they can see in a very tangible way their actions can have positive impacts for years to come. 

-Doug Gebhart

Recreation Supervisor