Dog License

Every person owning or having custody of any dog six (6) months of age or older must license the dog within 30 days of acquisition or within 30 days of moving to Mammoth Lakes. Proof of a California approved rabies vaccination is needed to obtain a license. 

Licenses are available during normal business hours. Licensing for the next year begins June 1st.

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department hosts a discounted vaccination clinic once per year in June. Licenses are available for sale at the event.

Reasons to License Your Dog

  • Licensing is required by State and County Ordinances in order to control rabies.
  • Licensing provides necessary information to support investigations of cruelty, neglect, abandonment, and dog bites.
  • A license indicates ownership of a dog. If a dog is found, a license will aid us in getting the dog back to you quickly.


  • $20 per year (spayed or neutered)
  • $50 per year (unaltered)
  • $5 late fee applies to renewals made after June 30th.

Note: License expires June 30th of each year.