Livescan Services

Fingerprinting Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment only. Please call 760-965-3700 ext. 0 or e-mail


$35 local roll fee, plus all applicable state and federal fees depending on the level of service requested.

Sometimes employers choose to have the Department of Justice bill them at the end of the month. If an employer has chosen this method of payment, there will be a billing number on your LiveScan request form. If this field has been completed, you will only be charged the Mammoth Lakes Police Department’s $35 roll fee. If the billing number field is left blank, you will be charged the fees indicated by the LiveScan machine in addition the $35 roll fee. The fees are based on the agency’s ORI number (located on the upper left hand corner of the LiveScan form) and the type of service indicated on your form (i.e. DOJ, FBI, Child Abuse Index). These fields are typically located near the bottom of the LiveScan form on the right hand side.

Applicant Instructions

  • Applicants must bring a LiveScan request form from the requesting agency (employer, board, etc) with them. Please fill out the applicant information section prior to your arrival. 
  • The applicant will also need to provide a current and valid California Driver’s License or California Identification Card. Also accepted are passports, out of state Driver’s Licenses, military ID cards, and ID from the Mexican Consulate.

Helpful Resources

Visit the Department of Justice website if you would like more information about the LiveScan process.