Town Council Overview

About the Town Council

The Town of Mammoth Lakes was incorporated on August 20, 1984. The town is a general law city and has a council-manager style of government.

The Mammoth Lakes Town Council consists of five councilmembers, with each member serving a staggered four-year term. The mayor is the presiding officer at council meetings. The mayor is selected on an annual basis by a rotational system.

Elections and Meetings

Municipal elections are held in conjunction with the statewide election, currently held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, of even-numbered years. The council is the legislative branch of Mammoth Lakes’ municipal government, the people’s elected representatives.

Council meetings are open, public meetings where the council makes local laws, policies, and basic decisions for the municipality. The council appoints the town manager, who is the chief executive of all town operations.


The town manager's responsibilities include enforcement of ordinances and preparation of the annual budget, along with administration and coordination of the town’s operations.

Except for the town attorney, the only other council appointee, the town manager appoints all other staff members to assist in carrying out the business of the town.