ZCU Background/FAQ

What is the Zoning Code Update?

The Zoning Code Update (ZCU) has been initiated by the Town Council with the goal of incorporating the 2007 General Plan into the Zoning Code as well as cleaning up and modernizing the Town’s zoning regulations. The goal of the project is to create an up-to-date set of rules that will govern land development in the Town.

Who Will be Involved in the Zoning Code Update?

Town staff is looking forward to an inclusive process which will include Town Council, Planning Commission, the Zoning Code Users Group, business and property owners, and the public. Check the Zoning Code Update page for information on upcoming community workshops and listening sessions.

We are Looking for Community Input on the Following Questions:

  1. What issues and opportunities must the ZCU address in order for you to regard the update as a success and for the new code to be effective?
  2. What positive attributes or fundamental shortcomings do you see in the existing code?
  3. Are there planning and development concerns or problems in Mammoth that you believe should be addressed in the ZCU?
  4. What types of changes would you make to the development review and approval process?

Why is the Update Important to Me?

The project is important for two key reasons. First, the existing regulations are out-of-date and difficult to use and understand. Second, and perhaps most important, the existing regulations increasingly fail to produce the kind of results—such as neighborhood preservation, sustainable development practices, feet first mobility that the community desires.

What are the Goals for the Zoning Code Update?

Promote Sustainability: To incorporate standards that promote sustainability of development in the Town and incorporate the goals, policies, and actions outlined in the General Plan.

Promote Quality and Design: To incorporate standards that improve development quality and design.

Improve Readability and Usability: To use charts, graphics, and illustrations to make the Code easier to read and to reorganize the material to group similar regulations together.