Sign Code Update

Sign Code Update

Sign Code Update Approved and Effective July 15, 2011

Sign Code Update Informational Handout

New Sign Chapter - Ordinance 11-01

These regulations became effective July 15, 2011. Please contact Jen Daugherty, Associate Planner, at (760) 934-8989x260 if you are interested in updating your signage or Master Sign Program consistent with these new regulations!

New sign permit application forms are available for download at the Planning Permit Applications and Fees webpage.

Town Council Public Hearing

June 1st at 6p.m. in Suite Z/Town Council Chambers

The Town Council voted to approve the proposed Sign Chapter on June 1st. The second reading of this ordinance was approved on June 15th.

Planning Commission Public Hearing

April 27th at 2p.m. in Suite Z/Town Council Chambers

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Sign Code Update to the Town Council with minor modifications on April 27th.

Proposed Sign Chapter (as recommended by Planning Commission)

Mammoth Lakes Board of Realtor, Inc Letter 4-24-11

Environmental Review - CEQA (February - March 2011)

The Town prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the Sign Code Update. The 30-day public review period for the IS/MND started February 25, 2011 and ended March 27, 2011. No comments were received during this public review period.

Sign Code Update IS/MND (may take a couple minutes to download)

IS/MND Notice of Availability

Draft Sign Chapter and Workshop Materials (February 2011)

A draft Sign Code Chapter was made available on January 25, 2011. The draft sign code was presented to and discussed in workshop format with the Planning Commission on February 9, 2011 and Town Council on February 16, 2011 (see links below). The draft chapter will be revised based on comments from these workshops for public hearings.

Draft Sign Code 1-25-11

Town Council Workshop (2-16-11)

Planning Commission Workshop (2-9-11)

Workshop PowerPoints

- Sign Code Update Design Intent

- Major Changes Proposed and Questions for Discussion

Public Comments

- Mr. Bill Taylor

- Mammoth Lakes Board of Realtors, Inc.

- Robin Falkingham

Notice for Planning Commission and Town Council Workshops Feb 2011

Issues Workshop (August 2010)

The Zoning Code Users Group and Planning Commission discussed the sign code update in August 2010. The input received from both groups as well as members of the public, local sign companies, businesses, event organizers, and others was used to draft the sign code.

Planning Commission Workshop 8-25-10

For questions or additional information on the Sign Code Update, please contact Jen Daugherty, Associate Planner at (760) 934-8989x260.