Previous Planning Efforts for The Parcel

Prior to the Town's purchase of The Parcel, several planning efforts were undertaken by a variety of public and private entities. The plans below are shown in reverse chronological order and may be used to inform but not necessarily direct the Town's current "Plan The Parcel" conceptual land use planning process.

Mammoth Lakes Housing / Dahlin (2016)
MLH contracted with the Dahlin Group architectural firm and Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) to create a concept plan and financial feasibility analysis of the Shady Rest site that was consistent with the Town's adopted General Plan and the Shady Rest Master Plan. 

MMSA / Hart Howerton (2016)
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA) retained Hart Howerton to prepare a series of concept designs for MMSA properties and ski portals in early 2016. As a part of this work effort, Hart Howerton prepared conceptual designs for the Town commercial areas. The Hart Howerton conceptual designs were presented to the Town Council on July 20, 2016. The Town Council did not adopt the conceptual designs and the work effort was entirely funded by MMSA.

Hidden Creek Crossing District Planning Effort (2008)

A previous property owner of The Parcel (Shady Rest Tract) submitted an application for a district plan which was required prior to the formal submittal of the project application. The project was called “Hidden Creek Crossing” during this time. The applicant withdrew the application and the district plan was not finalized. Information from this district planning process informed the 2010 Downtown Neighborhood District Plan.  

TOML / Shady Rest Master Plan (1991)
The Shady Rest Master Plan was approved by Town Council in 1991 and sets a maximum of 172 units and includes 120 very low and low income apartments and 52 moderate income housing units on the property. In Mono County, 2019 household incomes range from $25,750 to $97,450 for a family of four. The Master Plan recommends that at least one-third of the units be very low income, one-third of the units be low income, and one-third moderate income units. The State Density Bonus Law and the Town’s density bonus provisions may be approved subject to the affordability levels and qualifications of the project, as described previously.  
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