Lodestar Area 5 Subdivision (West Bear Lake)


A vesting tentative tract map to subdivide Development Area 5 of the Lodestar Master Plan was submitted to the Town on July 1, 2014. The subject site within Development Area 5 consists of the vacant property along both sides of West Bear Lake Road and west of Sierra Star Parkway. The proposal is to divide the site into 12 multi-family lots and create an approximately 3.3 acre parcel for future hotel development. Please see below for submittal materials.

The Town is processing this map (Vesting Tentative Tract Map 14-003) in accordance with State law and provided the applicant with requests for additional items needed for a complete application on July 24, 2014. The applicant is working to provide the additional information.

Due to public interest, the Town anticipates holding a public workshop with the Planning & Economic Development Commission. The date for this workshop has not been set at this time.

Tentative tract maps require approval by the Planning & Economic Development Commission at a public hearing. The date for this public hearing will be set once staff deems the application complete and staff analysis of the application is complete.

Application Submittal Materials (7/1/14)

Resource Information

The project site is within the Lodestar at Mammoth Master Plan. The site may also be subject to the Intrawest Development Agreement, which vested development standards.