The Mountainside project is a 16 unit townhome development located at 413 Rainbow Lane, east of Canyon Lodge. Two of the units are freestanding units and 14 units would be within 7 duplex buildings. All units are 3 stories with 3 bedrooms and a 2-car garage. The original project, approved by Town Council in June 2015, consisted of a tentative tract map, variance, use permit, design review, and adjustment. The final map for the original project was recorded in October 2016.

In April 2017, an amendment to the approved project was submitted. The purpose of the amendment is to improve snow storage capacity and management on site by increasing the distance between the buildings, which requires a setback reduction of two feet along the property line adjacent to Lakeview Boulevard. The project amendment also included an amended Design Review because the modified site plan removes some of the pop-outs, changing the architectural features of the buildings. The amendment (TTM 17-001, DR 15-001A, and ADJ 17-006) was approved by the Planning and Economic Development Commission on August 9, 2017.

Approval Documents

Appeal - Town Council 6/3/15

An appeal of the Planning & Economic Development Commission's approval of the Mountainside project was considered by the Town Council on June 3, 2015. The Town Council upheld the Commission's approval with modified language for Condition of Approval 42 regarding the dumpster location:

The dumpster shall be relocated to the west side of the project site subject to approval by Mammoth Disposal. This shall be reviewed and approved by the Community and Economic Development Director prior to grading permit issuance.

Please see the materials below for the Town Council hearing:

The complete public hearing packet is available online. Live video of the hearing is available online.

Comments received after the Council packet was published:

- Kafrouni email 6-1-15

- Malecki letter 6-3-15

- Daniel email 6-3-15

- Reeves email 6-3-15

Planning & Economic Development Commission Approval 4/29/15

The Commission approved the Mountainside project on April 29, 2015 with 3 additional conditions of approval:

  1. Approved a revised north elevation facade for Building C (buildings facing Rainbow Lane) that includes additional design details
  2. Required the west elevation of Building D (facing Canyon Lodge) to incorporate similar design details that were added to the north elevation of Building C
  3. Required staff to work with the developer on an analysis to relocate the dumpster to the west side of the property

The complete meeting packet and video recording of the meeting are available online.

Public comments received after the packet was published:

- Malecki email to Council

- Davis email

- Weil email

- Malecki & Franceschi emails

- Kafrouni email

- Phelps email

Final Submittal - Plans and Information

Planning & Economic Development Commission Site Visit & Workshop 3-25-15

The Commission visited the project site (413 Rainbow Lane), followed by a visit to the Grayfox project (59 Hillside Drive) since the Mountainside project would use colors and materials that match the Grayfox project. Then the Commission then discussed the project in a workshop format.

The Commission agenda packet and video of the workshop discussion are available online.

Original Submittal - Plans and Information

Please see Final Submittal, above, for current plans and information

For additional information, please contact Ruth Traxler, Associate Planner, at (760) 965-3637.