Sierra Nevada Resort Redevelopment

Project Summary 

The approved project consists of interior and exterior improvements to the existing 149-unit hotel and Rafters restaurant, the construction of 30 new resort cabin units, an expanded event/meeting space, and added amenities for both guests and the community. The project also includes 7 affordable housing units as addressed in the Affordable Housing Mitigation Plan, a Parking Management Plan to allow for a 15% reduction in required parking (186 parking spaces proposed), and the incorporation of a valet program, and a range of regularly scheduled events managed by the Events Management Plan.

Project Background 

The project site is currently the location of the Sierra Nevada Resort, a roughly 6.09-acre complex that includes a 149 unit, 2-story hotel, Rafters Restaurant and Jimmy’s Taverna buildings that total in 15,600 square feet of restaurant space, a miniature golf course and pool. The resort was originally built in 1967 and was renovated in 2014. There are currently 230 parking spaces serving the site, distributed along Old Mammoth Road, Sierra Nevada Road, Laurel Mountain Road and along the north end of the property.

The Clearwater Specific Plan (CSP) was adopted by the Town of Mammoth Lakes on January 21, 2009, for the development of a new, pedestrian oriented, mixed-use, resort destination development located within the North Old Mammoth Road District of the Town.

In March 2010, in compliance with CSP, the Planning and Economic Development Commission approved a vesting tentative tract map, conditional use permit, and design review for a mixed-use project called "Old Mammoth Place."  The Old Mammoth Place entitlements include up to 340 residential units with up to 488 lodging rooms, eight on-site workforce housing units, multiple outdoor public events plazas, approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial/retail space, approximately 17,000 square feet of restaurant space, 9,500 square feet of conference space, a 4,500 square-foot spa and wellness center, an ice rink, a pool, and an underground parking garage covering the entire site (the original CSP approval documents can be found at the following link: Approval of the project entitlements included approval of a Final EIR (SCH# 2006062154).

Throughout the first six years after the approval of Old Mammoth Place, there proved to be no financing available to construct the project and no market for the sale of condominium hotel rooms.   In August 2016, in order to improve the economic viability and marketability of the project, the owner obtained approval of amendments to the CSP and the Old Mammoth Place entitlements, which included a 10-foot increase in building height, an increase in net residential square footage, and the elimination of an on-site workforce housing requirement.  At this time, a CEQA addendum to the Clearwater Specific Plan (Old Mammoth Place CUP Addendum (SCH# 2006062154) was prepared to confirm that the proposed modifications were consistent with what was analyzed as part of the Specific Plan Final EIR. This Addendum was approved in 2016.

On December 1, 2021 the Town Council approved District Zoning Amendment 21-001 which revised the Clearwater Specific Plan (CSP) to establish development standards for an Amended Phase One Project. The proposed interim development standards accommodate a less intensive expansion and upgrade of the hotel, restaurant, and public spaces than is envisioned by the CSP/ Old Mammoth Place entitlements while still allowing for the future development of the Old Mammoth Place project consistent with The CSP's long-term vision and goals.

A Major Design Review and Use Permit for the interim development was approved by the Planning and Economic Development Commission on February 9, 2022.  The approved entitlements also included the revocation of the previous Old Mammoth Place entitlement (VTTM 16-001, UPA 16-001, DR 16-004), which was required to move forward with the current entitlement. 

Major Design Review 21-005 and Use Permit 21-005 

Planning and Economic Development Commission Public Hearing - February 9, 2022

District Zoning Amendment 21-001

Town Council Public Hearing - December 1, 2021