Mammoth Hotel (452 Old Mammoth Rd)

Project Location: 452 Old Mammoth Road

Existing Conditions:

The project site is currently the location of the Sierra Center Mall, a roughly 100,633 square foot, 3-story commercial building constructed in the early 1980’s containing a mix of restaurant, retail and office uses. There are currently 193 parking spaces serving the site, split between a large surface parking lot and an underground garage. The existing building is considered non-conforming due to the fact that it does not comply with existing parking standards or current development standards for the OMR zone district. Per MC Section 17.100.040, the existing non-conforming structure may be remodeled and expanded as long as the building itself is not completely demolished and the addition is no more than twenty five percent of the existing floor area.

Project Description:

Referred to as the Mammoth Hotel Project, the project will consist of a complete renovation and remodel of the existing 3-story Sierra Center Mall building to create a new 4-story, 164-room boutique luxury hotel with accessory restaurant, retail, and office uses. As part of its Application for Design Review, the Applicant received approval of a 10% Height Adjustment to allow for a total building height of 49’6” where 45 feet is the maximum otherwise allowed per OMR zoning district standards. The project was reviewed under application no. DR 19-003, and is categorically exempt from CEQA per Section 15332, In-Fill Development Projects.

The Project’s scope will entail the demolition of all existing interior improvements and mechanical systems down to the building’s basic structural components and the selective removal of exterior perimeter walls and windows. The Project will include structural upgrades in the garage and in other major structural components to meet code requirements and support the proposed fourth floor roof deck addition. The additional floor would allow the implementation of new restaurants, hotel suites, common areas and partially open air pool deck all with dramatic views of the Sherwins, Mammoth Mountain and down Valley towards Crowley Lake. Once the structural work has been completed, the entire Project will then be completely reconstructed with all new materials, mechanical systems and interiors, then closed in with new exterior windows and facades. The addition of the fourth floor hotel rooms, kitchen and common areas will add approximately 24,019 square feet of new area to the Project’s gross square footage. Parking for the Project will continue to be provided by the existing surface lot and the improved underground garage, with valet service for the underground lot.


Given the scope of the proposed changes to the building as well as the introduction of a new hotel use, Design Review is required per MC Section 17.88.020. The purpose of Design Review is to implement the General Plan policies related to community design and character, to promote excellence in site planning and design to complement the natural environment and enhance the image of the town as a mountain resort community, and to ensure that the architectural design of structures and their materials and colors are appropriate to the function of the project and visually harmonious with surrounding development.

A Major Design Review Application for the project was submitted on June 27, 2019, and staff issued initial review comments on July 23, 2019. Revised plans were brought before the Advisory Design Panel on September 20, 2019 and again on October 22, 2019. The project was approved unanimously by the Planning and Economic Development Commission (PEDC) on November 13, 2019 (final recorded Resolution available here).

Demolition of the existing building is anticipated to commence in Spring 2020, with construction of the new project commencing in the summer. 

Review Documents:

Project Application_6.27.19

Project Plans_6.27.19

Revised Plans_9.9.19

Revised Narrative_9.9.19

Final Approved Plans dated 11.7.19