Administrative Decisions

Administrative decisions are made by the Community and Economic Development Director ("Director") and approve or deny a variety of minor planning permits, pursuant to Municipal Code section 17.96.040B.2. The Director is authorized to consider for approval or denial applications for Adjustments, Administrative Design Reviews, Administrative Permits, Lot Line Adjustments, Minor Design Reviews, and Sign Permits.

Pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 17.104 (Appeals), any decision by the Director may be appealed to the Planning and Economic Development Commission (PEDC) by any aggrieved person. Appeals shall be submitted in writing, and filed with the Town Clerk, on a Town application form, within 15 days from the date of the review authority’s action. The appeal shall state the pertinent facts of the case and the basis for the appeal, and shall be accompanied by the filing fee set by the Town Council.

In addition to being posted on this page, notice of decisions are posted in the lobby of the Town offices and in the glass display case below Suite Z adjacent to Starbucks.

2023 Community & Economic Development Director Determinations (CEDDD)

For previous year’s Community and Economic Development Director Determinations (CEDDDs), please see the Administrative Decisions Archive.